What is flooring underlay?

What is flooring underlay?

An underlay, underlayment, or underpadding material is placed beneath your new floors. It varies from product to product and comes in a variety of materials.

Its purpose depends on the material it lies beneath, with various benefits. Here are some facts that will help you understand it.

Carpet underpadding is crucial for performance

You might think underpadding makes carpet soft and plush, and to a degree, that's right. But it also helps the carpet perform as it should, with no bunching or wrinkling.

This underpadding also helps absorb sound and retain heat in cold weather. It comes in several different materials you can discuss at our flooring company with your floor specialist.

Luxury vinyl underlayment does more than one job

Beneath luxury vinyl, an underlayment is necessary is installing on concrete. This type of underlayment features waterproof properties to protect your flooring.

It helps to increase comfort and warmth and reduces noise as well. It can also add stability to the flooring for better performance over time.

Hardwood flooring underlayment

Underlayment isn't a necessity under hardwood flooring, but there are benefits. It can increase durability and add excellent stability.

It also helps smooth any uneven areas in the subfloor for a better installation of your new floors. And you'll want to learn more about its added benefits.

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