A truly resilient floor: Luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl is quickly becoming one of the most popular floors in our part of the country. It is attractive, made to look like tile or hardwood. It is durable and handles wear and tear well. Also, it is waterproof. What more versatility could you want in a flooring material?


Luxury vinyl flooring comes in two general types. Both have the same durability, both are waterproof, and both are equally beautiful when installed properly. The difference is in their appearance only. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is available in planks of varying widths and is designed to look and feel like hardwood. Some products look like oak, cherry, ash, and walnut to name just a few and the detail that is given to the grain and texture is remarkable. If you didn’t know otherwise, at first glance you might think it was a hardwood floor. Luxury vinyl tile is a flooring that is designed to look and feel like ceramic tile, brick, or stone. Again, the attention to detail when it comes to design is a sight to see. Again, if you did not know otherwise, you might think that you were looking at real tile, brick, or stone. Whether you are looking for flooring for an informal room or a formal area of your home, LVF is sure to have something to offer.

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Waterproof floors

There is a difference between water-resistant and water-proof. These floors are truly water-proof. Water will not warp them, cause them to swell, or cause them to degrade in any way. From simple spills in the kitchen to major water events in your home, these floors need only be cleaned up and dried off. They are truly worry-free flooring when it comes to water.


Do things tend to be dropped on your floor? Perhaps you are teaching your son or daughter to cook in the kitchen. Perhaps your son is into doing extreme sports in his bedroom or your daughter ballet in hers. Luxury vinyl is up to the challenge. Even minor cuts often simply blend into the rest of the flooring, making them unnoticeable. While there is no such thing as an indestructible floor, these come close.

At Moore Floors, we are your source for luxury vinyl flooring in Southern Pines, NC. And, if you live in one of our surrounding areas, like Southern Pines, NC, Pinehurst, NC, Aberdeen, NC, Carthage, NC, Foxfire, NC, Vass, NC, Pinebluff, NC, West End, NC, Laurinburg, NC, or Raeford, NC, we want to serve you as well. If luxury vinyl has caught your interest, give us a call or stop by our showroom; one of our knowledgeable sales staff would be happy to show you all of your options in this resilient flooring.